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Pilates Principle: Breath


A hashtag trend I am 100% on!

I first came across it on instagram while following Physiyolates – Brain-Body Fitness and have become addicted to their posts feeling greedy to gather snippets of their insights and wisdom. Full transparency, my “damn I wish I had said that” gets triggered A LOT!

Their words resonate so fully within our philosophy of movement at the Art of Fitness that I feel compelled to share their wisdom via re-posting and now in this blog. I’ll come back to Physiyolates’ greatness in a moment.


But first, breath as a Pilates Principle.

Breathing properly promotes effective oxygenation of the blood, focuses the mind on each task and helps avoid unnecessary tension, particularly in the neck, shoulders and mid-back. Exhaling deeply can also help activate the deep support muscles of the body. Breath is brilliant, everything from it’s automatic nature, it’s absolutely life giving purpose, it’s mind, body and soul healing abilities, to the mechanical anatomical function.


Direct quote from Physiyolates Instragram post:

“Breathing is literally the most underrated performance tool we have as human beings! You can harness and unlock the power of the brain, the body and the nervous system simply by learning specific breathing techniques to help you to keep a cool head, promote relaxation and control, regulate and reduce physiological and psychological stress.”


Instagram: brain_body_performance                    Website: physiyolates.uk.com




Pilates Advice from an Olympic Athlete


Canadian women’s figure skating champion and Olympic athlete Kaetlyn Osmond dishes on her Winter 2014 Olympic Games preparation. Her advice while practicing Pilates?

“I think the main idea that both my trainer and my Pilates instructor agree with is you’ve got to keep breathing. A lot of people, I’ve noticed, when they do core exercises, they hold their breath. And it really doesn’t help that way. You run out of steam, and you don’t use your core in the right way when you’re holding your breath.”

Check out the article here on her tips on developing and maintaining a strong core. What would your advice be while practicing Pilates?