Group Classes

Have you completed your Pilates Studio Tutorial? ($50 +HST)

You can join into the classes at any time during our current season, however if you are a new client we require that you first complete the Pilates Studio Tutorial.

Summer Classes July 8 – August 23
* 7 weeks (Monday classes 6 weeks)


Season Break


Group Class Pricing

Group Class TypeClass Cost
Reformer 1 Hour-Class Pass$28.50
Reformer 1 Hour-Loyalty Program* $26.50
Reformer 45 Minutes-Class Pass$22.50
Reformer 45 Minutes-Loyalty Program*$21.50
Mat Pilates/Yoga-Class Pass$21.50
Mat Pilates/Yoga-Loyalty Program*$20.50
Indoor Cycle 45 minute-Class Pass$15
Indoor Cycle 45 minute-Loyalty Program*$14
Indoor Cycle and Restorative Yoga -Class Pass$21.50
Indoor Cycle and Restorative Yoga -Loyalty Program*$20.50
Open Class Pass$150 - $500

Prices set per person/class, all purchases are subject to HST

  • For example: Reformer (60 min) Class is $26.50 x 12 = 318 x 13% (HST) $41.34=$359.34

*Loyalty Program

Returning clients and new client who are enrolling in a minimum of half the scheduled season per class

New clients sign up this Spring for a minimum of 6 weeks to qualify for our Loyalty Program

Open class pass

This is a credit on your client account (without expiry).

This drop in style attendance requires that you put a deposit of $150 – $500 on your account. The cost for the classes you attend (or late cancel) will be deducted from your account balance at our regular class rate; we will notify you when you need to top off your account balance.

You will NOT be able to reserve a weekly spot, instead you will have access to classes where there is space.

Please note with the open class pass you will need to utilize the MindBody App or Online class access at


Class Cancellation Policy

Cancel 8 hours early and your class session can be used at another point in the season  OR for up to ONE MONTH into the following season (MindBody Express App available for your phones). Anyone that does not cancel within the policy guidelines is subject to full class cost charge.  

Refund Policy

Refund any unused sessions (not including late cancelled sessions) that have been purchased. This also applies to class purchases.

You also have the option to transfer the amount of any remaining unused session (not including late cancelled sessions) to another service we offer or a family member or friend. If your family member or friend is not a current client they will be required to first purchase a Studio Tutorial before attending any classes.