Get to Know: Katie Cameron Sullivan

Katie began working at STOTT Pilates Studio in Toronto as the Studio Marketing Coordinator where her passion for Pilates grew. She is now certified in Pilates through STOTT PILATES and Yoga through, The Yoga Alliance of Canada.

During classes and private sessions she uses her knowledge of the human body to correct injury, work with errors in alignment, reduce stress and most importantly, to have fun! She uses classical Pilates movements combined with her own twist to keep classes interesting and beneficial. Her philosophy is education and inspiration, as a teacher, she hopes to empower clients and offer them the knowledge and direction to live a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Katie wants to help you discover the strength within yourself.


1. What is on your bucket list? To experience as many different cultures around the world as I can
2. Where did you grow up? Waterloo, ON
3. What food can you not live without? Peanut Butter
4. Pool or Ocean? Ocean 100%
5. Last concert you went to? Zac Brown Band
6. How do you take your coffee? Black or with almond milk
7. What is your sign? Scorpio
8. Which sound instantly puts you in a good mood? The Tragically Hip coming on the radio
9. First thing you do in the morning? Coffee!
10. What are your pet peeves? Standing on escalators
  • STOTT Pilates Certified Instructor – Matwork & Reformer
  • Yoga Certified – Yoga Alliance of Canada
  • Anatomy in Motion – Body Harmonics
  • Yoga & Ayurveda – The Yoga Conference
  • Pilates Matwork – Tula Yoga Spa (Yoga Alliance of Canada)

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