Client Spotlight: Duane Eby

Duane comes into the Studio 3 times a week taking Spin/Yoga and Reformer classes. We love watching him progress in movements and are inspired by his dedication to health and wellness.


I started working at age 12. In those early years, until I completed my undergraduate degree, my various jobs were physical so I was quite fit. After graduation and until recently I was doing office work so my fitness level was barely adequate.

I enjoy golfing, downhill skiing, walking, hiking and reading.   I like adventure and the outdoors.   I have been taking golfing lessons with a colleague for over ten years. In the summer of 2013, our golf teaching professional suggested that if we worked on our core strength, our golf game might improve.   He suggested we get in touch with his friend Stephanie at Art of Fitness.   In the fall of 2013, I also committed to going with a group of 16 to fundraise for international development work. Our goal was to summit Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, East Africa in July 2014.

So with golf and Kili in my sights, I began the journey at Art of Fitness. I got a lot more fit and lost 20 pounds before going to Africa. I summited Kili; got tired but never sore. This was due in great part to the training at the studio.

I have continued my new fitness regimen to this day. I now attend three times per week – two Pilates classes and a spin Yoga. I also wear a Fitbit 24/7 to give me feedback on exercise, heart rate, calorie burn, steps, etc.

I plan to continue strength and fitness exercises. It definitely helps my golf and skiing. As I ease into retirement I hope to do more golf and skiing, including more trips to the Canadian Rockies. I am now at a point where my body craves exercise and movement. I am grateful to Art of Fitness coaches for helping me fill that need.