Our Small Group Classes

Our $55 Studio Tutorial includes a free small group class!

Empowering you to participate in a positive movement experience that reflects your interpretation of fitness. – KW Art of Fitness Inc Team

At KW Art of Fitness we take a customized, client centered approach to your fitness and well-being. We understand that everyone’s fitness levels and goals are different and each client that comes to us has very specific needs. For this reason, we keep all of our small group classes to a 6-person maximum.

As our instructors continue to learn and achieve new certifications, our small group classes are also able to change. The dynamic nature of our small group classes is something our clients appreciate and something we take pride in.

We make it our priority to ensure that our small group classes are customizable, suited to the individuals enrolled and truly do work!


The small group classes we offer:



Mat, Reformer, EXO Chair and Tower Small Group Classes


The overall design in all of our small group classes is built around the biomechanics of body movements that set and/or reset ideal postural strengths. The focus and goals of every class are always:

  • Precise, controlled movements
  • Proper alignment and form
  • Deep core work and strengthening

As participants progress, the small group classes become more complex, balance is challenged by more complicated positions and endurance is emphasized.

Our intention with each small group class we offer is to constantly adapt the design and purpose to suit the current participants’ needs and goals. Each small group class is unique to its instructor and clients, which helps ensure both mental and physical stimulation of the brain and body. We’ve found that one of the benefits of this type of small group class structure is consistent body change, such as: weight loss and improved bone density health.

We offer the following types of Pilates small group classes:

Reformer— is a type of Pilates performed on the most popular Pilates invention, the Reformer. Its sliding carriage is powered by human effort (the arms, legs and core) and the adjustable springs regulate tension and resistance. Cables, bars, straps and pulleys allow exercises to be done from a variety of positions.

Tower—the Pilates Tower is often referred to as the ½ Cadillac or trapeze table. This unique apparatus is a horizontal table with a tall wooden frame on one end. The frame has an assortment of levers, springs and strap attachments. The tower uses spring-based resistance with the push-through bar, roll-back bar, legs, springs and arm springs to challenge and strengthen the entire body.

EXO Chair— EXO Chair Pilates provides a challenging, fun, full body resistance experience. The Exo Chair has all the benefits of traditional Pilates chair work including standing balance and strength work. The resistance tubing challenges coordination and provides additional upper and lower body strengthening.

Mat—is done on the floor using an exercise or yoga mat, which employs controlled breathing during body weight-resisted movement to build core strength. Mat Pilates is good place to begin your Pilates experience.

Each class is designed to fatigue muscles systematically, while the continuous flow of movements challenges the mind and body to stay present and in-tune with your workout. This is done using circuit training, timed sequences and a superset workout.

Pilates Equipment

At KW Art of Fitness, our state-of-the-art facility is home to a range of cutting-edge fitness equipment which is used in our small group classes:

    • Pilates mats
    • Pilates coach balls
    • Stability balls
    • Pilates rings
    • Yoga balls
    • Foam rollers
    • Pilates rollers
    • Thera-bands
    • Stability balls
    • Arc barrels
    • EXO Chair
    • Reformer with Tower and jump board
    • Cadillac
    • Ladder barrel
    • Porcupine and balance pods
    • Spin disks


Indoor Cycling

Indoor CyclingIndoor cycling classes are beneficial for everyone, regardless of their fitness level. Whether you’re brand new to cycling or you’re an avid cycler, we’re able to tailor our small group classes to suit you and your needs. We provide free-motion stationary bikes, enthusiastic and certified instructors and amazing spin playlists to create a non-intimidating, fun and motivating experience for all.

Indoor cycling rocks, and this is why:

    • Indoor cycling small group classes allow all participants to go at their own pace, which means it’s great for all fitness levels and age groups
    • Indoor cycling small group classes incorporate sitting and standing intervals alongside various speed levels in order to build cardiovascular endurance. As your heart gets stronger, your blood pressure will lower, your lung capacity increases and your daily energy levels will increase
    • Indoor cycling is one of the best non-impact forms of cardio
    • Regular aerobic activity strengthens your immune system, manages your blood pressure, improves cholesterol levels and reduces risk of heart disease, Type 2 Diabetes and stroke. It promotes relaxation is lowers stress levels
    • Indoor cycling is also said to improve sleep

An Indoor Cycling/Yoga combination small group class
This small group class incorporates the benefits of both indoor cycling and yoga and has been a huge hit with our clients. Ask us for more information on this class type.


Woman Yoga
Yoga small group classes at KW Art of Fitness are designed to align and calm your body, mind, and spirit. The small group classes are a unique style of yoga that follows our studio philosophy (see why train with us page for more information) while incorporating Vinyasa (or Flow Yoga), of postures for balance, flexibility, relaxation as well as core stability and movement patterns.

The small class size allows the teacher to get to know the health and injury status of each student and thus tailor the poses and options for each individual. The whole class will be quieter and more relaxed than other styles of yoga class.

Our yoga small group classes intent is to leave each client feeling accomplished, empowered and peaceful.

Spin/Yoga Combination

Bike Wheels
Our spin/yoga small group class is also taught by PJ. She incorporates a unique balance of beneficial elements from both spin and yoga. After completing the spin portion, PJ incorporates yoga breathing techniques to decrease clients’ heart rates. She then moves forward with some strength and release working, utilizing traditional yoga postures.


Studio Etiquette

1. Please turn off your cell phone when you arrive at the studio.
2. Due to sensitivities and allergies, we ask you to refrain from wearing perfume or strongly scented fragrances.
3. Please store personal belongings in the bins provided.
4. Bare feet exercise here; please bring indoor shoes if you are participating in cycle classes or a weight training session. We have space for you to leave your indoor shoes.

What to Wear

Keep your clothing simple, casual and layered. Some classes do require indoor running shoes; however in other classes you will be able to go bare foot. Give us a call and we can assist so that your attire will suit the class that you will be attending.

Class Size

ALL of our small group classes will be limited to a six-person maximum in order to ensure a high standard of quality in our teaching and your movements! Think of this as a way to obtain a specialized program for you with a discounted price AND social entertainment!


Did you forget your water? No problem! We have stainless steel water bottles that you can borrow and fill from the RO Water system. Simply leave it in the sink after for us to clean!

Early and Late Cancellation for Private & Semi- Private Instruction Sessions

KW Art of Fitness Inc. employs a 24-hour cancellation policy for one-on-one, semi-private and private group appointments. We require 24-hours notice to change or cancel an appointment or the client will be charged the full fee for that appointment. We appreciate that in rare instances, circumstances beyond personal control prevent a person from providing 24-hour notice to change or cancel an appointment. Regrettably, the fee for that cancelled hour remains the responsibility of the client. KW Art of Fitness cannot make any exceptions to this. Notify your trainer directly of any cancellations.

Early and Late Cancellation for Small Group Classes

KW Art of Fitness employs an early cancellation policy for all group classes. As long as the client contacts the studio up to 12 hours prior to the start of the class the client has reserved a spot in, this will be considered an early cancellation. The client can book a make up small group class as usual. If the client contacts the studio less than 12 hours prior to the start of the small group class, or if the client is a “no show”, then it is considered a late cancellation. In this case the client loses the privilege to make up or refund that class when enrolling for the next session of small group classes. Notify your trainer directly of any cancellations.