Pilates: Mind and Body work

For over 10 years, I’ve been experiencing the power of Pilates with guidance from Art of Fitness.
What originally was a tight and constricted body transformed and opened with the purposeful coaching of Stephanie and associates.

I clearly remember my skeptism that Pilates would provide a meaningful workout vs. spending time in the gym. That notion was quickly erased!

As one can imagine, over the multiple years of class and personal sessions life happens and I have experienced a variety of personal and professional transitions and can truly say that Pilates has been a tremendous support foundation to release tensions, provide grounding and give focus.

Experiencing Pilates and tapping into the expertise at KW Art of Fitness is well worth the investment. You’ll enjoy the benefits!
Recognizing the value personally, I gladly recommend Art of Fitness to friends and clients.

Steve Ingle – Optimum Health Centre – Waterloo

Every time I spend my commitment to fabulous fitness with Steph at the KW Art of Fitness studio I get to play, (re)discover, and remember how amazing I am! It comes with great leadership, mutual respect, and remembering to allow room for a generous dollop of fun for sustainability – keeps me coming back. Thanks Stephanie. Metamorphosis is: working out at KW Art of Fitness with Stephanie!

Judith L Harrison

I contacted KW Art of Fitness, looking for a new alternative to deal with my back pain.  Stephanie was very helpful with all of my consultations, previous to starting the actual training. Then she put me in contact with Kris, who has been my trainer.

Kris has been amazing!  She has focused on giving me exercises directed to improve my lower back strength. All the sessions have been very productive and they have definitely helped with my back problems.   Kris was also very flexible regarding the schedule for the sessions, which has been a big plus for me, since my time availability is limited.

Thank you Kris and Steph! 🙂


I decided to try Pilates this year as I turned 70 and as a way to stay flexible for golf.  I had noticed the ART OF FITNESS studio on occasion as I live in the area. Although it took a couple of tries to connect the subsequent experience as been quite positive. The studio is well appointed and well equipped with training tools that are well kept and organized.

After an initial meeting with Stephanie I was assigned to Kris Witmer. She has proved to be positive, professional in approach and quite accommodating to my fluctuating schedule. Although it is early to evaluate accurately the benefits,  I have enjoyed the sessions and will continue with them. I would also recommend this studio and Kris to others. Regards

Martin Kings

I have been with Stephanie from the beginning. Her clientele range from seniors in their eighties to Olympic champions. My program called “functional fitness” allows me to easily handle all the physical demands of everyday life. My body fat percentage is down to 18. It’s fun, but she does put the work in workout.

Murray -age 67

Steph asked me if I would be willing to write a testemonial (I did participate in the photo shoot) and, of course, I am pleased to do so. Several years ago I had a very debilitating bout of sciatica which really laid me low. Thanks to Steph I have been able to regain my former abilities – even to travelling- and I am most grateful.


My amazing trainers at Art of Fittness are: Stephanie – Tower/Reformer, Patty-Jo – Flow Yoga, Deanna – Spin.

As a member of The KW Art of Fitness, I really appreciate the personalized training in the small class atmosphere, the focus on proper form and individual safely, the motivation I get to achieve my personal goals, the serenity at the studio, the authentic nature of all the trainers and the friendships made.

Over the years, I have had several “gym” memberships – I also have a home gym. For me, the gyms were too impersonal unless you had a workout buddy, it was easy to get lost in the big classes and it was difficult to find someone to help use the equipment without being pressured to have personal training on top of membership. I found that after a while I would just go back to my home gym as it wasn’t intimidating. The programs at Art of Fitness fit my schedule so that I am not paying for unused time and there is no upsell pressure – after I leave class I feel like I have completed a GREAT workout and it has enhanced my ability to play better at sports I enjoy and just plain life activities.

Three years ago my 25 yr. old son suggested we take a Pilates course together, with a great new trainer he had met – Stephanie. That first year I noticed an enormous difference in my lower back strength and the ability to move my toes (10 yrs ago I had surgery on both my feet)! Today, at 61 yr. I feel lean, fit, balanced and strong. I look forward to going to class and with the compliments from my friends who ask “who are you training with?” I am proud to recommend Art of Fitness.


About a year ago I began working out with Julane at KW Art of Fitness. I was at a “low” in my exercise and taking care of myself regime and had previously used the services of other personal trainers in other fitness centres and in my home, but it was time for a change. A friend of mine had been incredibly happy with the staff at Art of Fitness so I decided to give the classes there a try.

Julane is incredibly knowledgeable about the “biology” behind the workout. She listens to each client and delivers a personalized program in a group fitness setting. She is careful of concerns around injuries but pushes each of us to work hard and to our full potential (and beyond). I have to say, she makes fitness fun again for me – listening to what I like but also pushing me through what I don’t like using humour and kindness. I have also been lucky enough to have some time training with her one- on- one and what I like about both Julane and KW Art of Fitness is that each person matters. The attention is personalized and the trainers, and Steph, know each of us by name. It is truly a caring and warm place with people who are dedicated to what they do. I can honestly say that I look forward to my workouts and feel motivated to do more on my own too. Thanks to both Julane and Steph!!!


Initially my Physiotherapist recommended I go to The KW Art of Fitness to help in my recovery from serious burn out. I have been seeing Julane now for about 8 months. She has helped me get stronger and been very patient with my physical ups and downs. Probably the very best thing I have learned, which I use daily, is how to breathe properly. Both Julane and Steph are very encouraging, patient and very skilled at how to help their clients get healthier and stronger. I have recommended Julane to several of my friends.

Teresa F

Steph does a wonderful job of providing thoroughly effective one-on-one training routines and corresponding feedback. During our weekly sessions, she provides knowledgeable insight on muscle physiology in the context of the exercises, while encouraging me to push my endurance limits. Her rare combination of coaching skills – as an intuitive, caring motivator – inspire me to keep up with my “homework” routines, and make the regular sessions something I really look forward to. Physical fitness is now part of my life, thanks in large part to Steph.


Steph is an amazing trainer, I first came to her almost five years ago and since the beginning she has taught me and motivated me to work hard. She was able to influence this mind set in all aspects of my life, especially training, which I never really enjoyed until I began working with her. She has made such a difference in my life! Not only did she help me to gain the strength, skills, body awareness, knowledge and a changed physique which enabled me to fulfill my goals of competing at the Junior level in ice dance. She also helped me gain confidence and enlightened me on my love of being active and seeing how it can have such an influence in my life! She has been able to push me beyond the limits I had set for myself, which has been able to inspire me to gain a new found respect for myself. All while showing me what I can do when I am willing to give it my all!
Experiencing this change first hand has also inspired me to help others by improving their health, fitness and well being. For two years now I have had Steph as my mentor, and its truly inspirational and remarkable to see how she can have an impact on her clients by using her great extent of knowledge, passion and experience in each session. Training with as well as working alongside her has taught me so much about training and life, which I am truly grateful for and I hope that with my hard work I will be able to as great of a successful role model!!!


My experience has been fantastic with Art and Steph! Steph is supportive and exciting and a total blast to work with! Steph is always in tune with my personal goals, and is incredibly supportive. Steph isn’t all about the numbers, such as my weight and calerie intake. Instead she is interested in how I am feeling and how my clothes fit! What a breath of fresh air! I am currently 28 years old and about a 140 pounds, although I have no real idea as I haven’t been on a scale in over a year. I have an office job, and may have gotten a little out of shape, but I can’t wait to get back to being lean and mean!!! Thank you Steph! I always look forward to my weekly sessions with you!

PS- Steph has even encouraged me to quit smoking! I am 57 days a non smoker now!!!

As a competitive figure skater, I’ve been doing Pilates at RIM with Stephanie the last 2 years to help strengthen my body. I’ve found that it has helped me improve my overall strength: mentally and physically. It has really increased my flexibility, my core strength, my body awareness and my realization of what my body is capable of. This helps me so much on the ice because I’m now able to identify what it is I need to fix to make things better when I’m skating, whether it’s posture, technique or overall extensions. Mentally, Pilates helps me focus on being able to isolate my muscles and joints. Pilates has made me more energized and I always feel stronger when I leave a session with Stephanie. I also find it’s easy to track my own progress for improvements which makes me want to continue with Pilates to be better. Stephanie has taught me so many things about Pilates and my capabilities and I really enjoy working with her!

Competitive Singles Ladies and Dance Figure Skater

Stephanie has worked with me to recover from a serious low back injury. Many thought that my fitness and athletic pursuits were over. Through progressive work with Stephanie on a one-on-one basis and in her Pilates mat class I now able to run half-marathons and compete in sprint triathlons in my age group class. At 57 I am back at it and extremely grateful, thank you Stephanie !!

John McEachen

I find that my reformer classes with Steph help me to release my muscle tension very effectively and strengthen my muscles at the same time. We have lots of laughs every session and I always feel like I’ve worked hard. Steph pushes me to use the best techniques, which has helped me to improve a lot since I started working with her. I am a former competitive figure skater and enjoyed my pilates classes a lot while I was skating. So much that I couldn’t give them up, even after skating. I am 20 years old and I’ve been taking lessons with Steph for a couple years.


I have been working with Steph for over three years now. Originally I came to help relieve neck/back pain that has bothered me for years. Being over 60 I was skeptical anything could really help but I found out in a hurry it is never too late. I never knew working out could be so much fun and produce such results in so short a time. I am more fit now than I have ever been, have found relief for a lot of my pain and it has been easy!! Knocking ten strokes off my golf game because my back is stronger is nothing to sneeze at either!! I just wish I had done this for myself 20 years ago! Best investment I have ever made. Improved body strength and awareness will help me age more gracefully (I hope) and to remain active as long as I want to.

Still can’t believe what you have helped me accomplish, I am truly lucky to have found someone like you Steph to spur me on. Now…..if I could just give up my Pepsi and chips…


As an athlete, it is so important to surround myself with the right people and the right environment. Steph is an extremely valuable part of my team. There are few instructors out there who put as much of their heart and soul into helping people achieve their goals. She is always taking the extra time and effort. She has a thirst for knowledge as an instructor and is always striving to be better in order to be able to give more to her clients. She has played a big role in how far I’ve come and I hopefully with where I hope to go.


Stephanie has been my personal trainer for over ten years. She continuously challenges me by regularly changing my routine and has help keep my body fat percentage at the ideal level for my age. More importantly, she makes the process a lot of fun.

MH (age 63)