Our Instructors

All of our instructors are certified in the classes they teach and are CPR/first-aid certified as well. They truly love what they do and are always looking to achieve new certifications to better serve their clients.

We believe that they really are the best! It’s our goal to make exercise, health and fitness relevant to the client and fit with their lifestyle. We’re always working to instill the following in our clients:

  1. A desire to do— to make healthy lifestyle choices
  2. A desire to do it well
  3. Perspicacity— a term we like to use to describe, a curiosity to learn

Meet Our Team

Stephanie Hanstke Stephanie Moore, B.A.


“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.”- Joseph Pilates
Stephanie understands that no two clients are the same and believes that taking a fresh, fun customizable approach to fitness is vital to success. She draws on her vast knowledge, years of experience, spirit and tools to develop effective alignment patterns which bring understanding to her clients’ kinesthetic sense.

Stephanie also believes that the classes offered at Art of Fitness care for her clients not only physically, but mentally as well. It’s her goal that through specific mechanics, fitness is able to bring clarity, increase perception and stimulate the mind.

DeannaDeanna Underwood, B.A.


Deanna teaches spin classes here at the studio and is known for her great enthusiasm and amazing spin music playlists!

PJ WightPJ Wight B.A. , C.P.T., NCCP II., CPTN Certified Yoga Specialist


“If you always put limits on everything you do, physical or otherwise it will spread into your work and into your life. There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them”- Bruce Lee

PJ is a personal trainer here at Art of Fitness, bringing with her over 25 years of experience in the fitness/coaching industry. She is certified with the Canadian Personal Trainers Network and the International Youth Conditioning Association. Her primary goal as a personal trainer and coach is to develop a goal-oriented plan and provide guidance, encouragement and creativity in assisting each of her clients to attain his/her personal fitness goals and improve their quality of life.

Prior to joining the Art of Fitness team, she was a figure skating coaching and attained a Level II coaching certification. She states that two things led her to pursue a career as a personal trainer. First, is her personal love of fitness. Second, she loved coaching and guiding both young people and the young at heart to achieve their personal fitness goals.

KrisKris Witmer


As a client of KW Fitness for many years, Kris has enjoyed the benefits of Pilates while training with Steph. Pilates benefits people of all ages and improves overall strength, balance and flexibility. This is particularly important as we age since Pilates helps our bodies move more efficiently, improves bone density and helps us to avoid injury.

After 35 years of working in the corporate world, Kris retired and is excited to begin this second career – especially since she is so passionate about Pilates.

KatieKatie Cameron Sullivan


Katie is a Pilates and Yoga instructor, a lover of form-focused movement, vegetarian and advocate of all things healthy. She fell in love with fitness while studying at a Toronto College in her early twenties. She needed something to help her cope with the changes towards adulthood; so she turned to her nearest Pilates Studio. Walking into an unknown Studio, surrounded by unfamiliar faces and looking at herself in the mirror repeating “just breathe”. The anxiety she felt that day washed away after a few minutes and when she walked out of that Pilates studio, she felt invigorated and quickly became addicted to the powerful force of a class moving as one. There aren’t many moments in life you can define as life changing, but those unfamiliar faces and unknown Studio walls quickly became a second home, crutch, and love affair.

Katie began working at STOTT Pilates Studio in Toronto as the Studio Marketing Coordinator where her passion for Pilates grew even stronger. She is now certified in Pilates through STOTT PILATES and Yoga through, The Yoga Alliance of Canada.

During classes and private sessions she uses her knowledge of the human body to correct injury, work with errors in alignment, reduce stress and most importantly, to have fun! She uses classical Pilates movements combined with her own twist to keep classes interesting and beneficial. Her philosophy is education and inspiration, as a teacher, she hopes to empower clients and offer them the knowledge and direction to live a healthy balanced lifestyle.

Katie wants to help you discover the strength within yourself.

In her spare time Katie loves to develop her own fitness routines, constantly challenging herself with new ways to move. She has an equal passion for adventure and is always planning her next vacation. You can normally find her walking her puppy with her husband.

  • STOTT Pilates Certified Instructor – Matwork & Reformer
  • Yoga Certified – Yoga Alliance of Canada
  • Anatomy in Motion – Body Harmonics
  • Yoga & Ayurveda – The Yoga Conference
  • Pilates Matwork – Tula Yoga Spa (Yoga Alliance of Canada)

Leah Bender


Leah is a Pilates instructor and is passionate about building relationships with people and seeing the impact movement has on their well being. She fell in love with Pilates when she was younger and would take classes with her mom. While seeing and experiencing the positive impacts of Pilates, she fell in love with learning more about this type of exercise and how intentional movement can have a positive impact on all individuals. Leah enjoys educating clients while moving in a way that feels good and is a lot of fun!
Leah is a graduate of University of Waterloo, with a Bachelor of Arts in Honours Therapeutic Recreation. Leah knows the importance of healthy living and functional movement, in order to enhance one’s physical, social, and mental wellbeing. Her goal is to share her passion and knowledge of movement and healthy living with others of all ages and abilities.

In her spare time, Leah loves staying active, travelling and discovering new places, spending time outdoors, and sharing fun experiences with loved ones.

– Certified Body Harmonics Level 1 Matwork
– Member of Therapeutic Recreation Ontario