About KW Art of Fitness

Welcome to KW Art of Fitness

We’re so glad you’re here! KW Art of Fitness is state-of-the-art Pilates fitness studio offering a variety of services and classes including Pilates (mat, reformer & exo chair), indoor cycling, yoga, semi-private and private training.

We’re dedicated to providing the highest standard of personalized service, in a fun and welcoming environment. Everything we do stems from this goal.

Our vision

At KW Art of Fitness, we see ourselves as more than just a Pilates fitness studio. We know the impact that having a higher quality of life can have on someone and want everyone who walks through our doors to leave feeling better than they did when they arrived.

When someone walks into our studio, we look at the entire person, not just their fitness goals. We place great value on our ability to tailor our programs to suit the individuals’ physical and emotional needs and truly do take all feedback into consideration.

We strive to empower our clients by educating them so that they can better care for themselves and continue to move closer towards achieving their goals, while still respecting everyone’s personal philosophy on fitness and ensuring that our plan truly fits their lifestyle.


Our facility

Our-state-of-the-art facility is designed to inspire. We’ve worked hard to create a space that is welcoming, safe and fun. From the flooring which decreases joint pressure to the original artwork on the walls and amazing music playlists, we want our studio to be a place where you feel encouraged and motivated.

We have top quality equipment needed for all of our classes and a full shower and change room area. For a full list of equipment, visit our Classes page.

Our services

Our classes are designed to:

  • Increase mobility and agility
  • Heighten neuromuscular coordination
  • Reduce stress, relieve tension, back pain and joint stress while restoring postural alignment
  • Improve the way your body looks and feels, lose inches and flatten the abdominal wall
  • Promote recovery from strain and injury by creating a stronger and more flexible range of motion
  • Engage the mind, enhance body awareness and promote an increase in bone density
  • Challenge your support system

Each class is designed to teach and challenge according to the experience of the participants. It is the instructors’ first task to discover what, where and how to move forward in a way the best reflects the class’ needs as a whole. We keep our classes to a 6 person maximum to ensure that our classes truly are working for the participants and to ensure you receive the highest quality of instruction.

The intermingling of tools, knowledge and experience with programs are designed to serve all needs from post re-habilitation and athletic performance to quality of life.

Our team

Our team of highly-skilled and certified instructors are truly dedicated to working with you to achieve your unique fitness goals and improve your quality of life. Through integrating our combined backgrounds in personal training, boxing, Pilates, Integrated Movement Therapies, and the training of youth, we have developed a unique approach to physical well- being that respects individual’s needs.

Some things you need to know about us are:

  • We provide comprehensive, personalized longitudinal training and coaching (we’ve even coached Olympic athletes!)
  • We offer specialized spin classes/ fun and customized playlists
  • We give access to a fitness magazine lending library
  • All of our instructors are fully certified
  • All of our instructors are first-aid certified
  • We keep all of our classes to a 6-person maximum
  • We are reliably dynamic. Our classes are constantly evolving to best suit our clients’ needs
  • Our first class is always free
  • If you refer a friend, you receive a free class

Whether you’re an athlete looking to be trained, someone looking to refresh their fitness regimen or someone who has never tried any of our class types before, we would love to meet you and work with you.

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