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Spring Pilates 2018 Understanding Spring Tension - The type of spring that is used on Pilates equipment is called a “tension/extension spring”. When this type of spring is stretched from its resting position, it exerts an opposing force proportional to its change in length. In other words, the more you stretch a spring, the more opposing force it provides. “In Pilates, sometimes […]
The Foot Collective The Foot Collective: Toe Spreaders now available in Studio! - The Foot Collective is a brand that has set out to change the way we view our footwear and the health of our feet. All the information below was directly taken from the information on their website, if you want to learn more, click here.  “When most people hear of someone walking around barefoot they […]
BH on Demand Body Harmonics on Demand: Pilates Anytime/Anywhere! - Wishing you had the time to get in an extra workout per week? But don’t have time to make it into the Studio? We have an amazing option for you, that will give you access to the style of Pilates you enjoy at our Studio! Body Harmonics is the company that keep us ahead of the curve […]

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