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Duane Your Pilates Practice is Cross Training - for living your best life. Through the Pilates approach to movement we can help you keep doing what you love best. Not only can the Pilates approach to movement keep you doing what you love, through practice you can improve how you do what you love to do best.             […]
Deanna A Note from Deanna - Dear Steph and the KW Art of Fitness family, Today, I press stop on the playlist, hang up my spin shoes, and walk away from a rewarding ten years of teaching spin at KW Art of Fitness. While my certification tells me that I can teach until 2112(!) , my 6 am Tuesday mornings at this amazing […]
Spring Pilates 2018 Understanding Spring Tension - The type of spring that is used on Pilates equipment is called a “tension/extension spring”. When this type of spring is stretched from its resting position, it exerts an opposing force proportional to its change in length. In other words, the more you stretch a spring, the more opposing force it provides. “In Pilates, sometimes […]

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