Group Class Pricing…

Summer classes…Monday July 10 – September 1, 2017 (8 wks) (Monday 7wks)
(Classes cancelled for Civic Long Weekend August 7, 2017)

Group Class TypePrice per class/person
Reformer 1 Hour-Class Pass$27, $30.51 (w/HST)
Reformer 1 Hour-Loyalty Program* $25, $28.25 (w/HST)
Reformer 45 Minutes-Class Pass$21, $23.73 (w/HST)
Reformer 45 Minutes-Loyalty Program*$20, $22.60 (w/HST)
Mat Pilates/Yoga & Yoga/Spin-Class Pass$20, $22.60 (w/HST)
Mat Pilates/Yoga & Yoga/Spin-Loyalty Program*$19, $21.47 (w/HST)
Mat Pilates 45 minute -Class Pass$15, $16.95 (w/HST)
Mat Pilates 45 minute -Loyalty Program*$14, $15.82 (w/HST)
Indoor Cycle 45 minute-Class Pass$15, $16.95 (w/HST)
Indoor Cycle 45 minute-Loyalty Program*$14, $15.82 (w/HST)
Running and Reformer-Class Pass$22, $24.06 (w/HST)
Running and Reformer-Loyalty Program*$20, $22.60 (w/HST)

*Loyalty Program: returning clients and new client who are enrolling in a minimum of half the scheduled season per class

Loyalty Program is the name we have given our current discount price that we have previously done via packages. The NEW concept is this: Loyalty Program: returning clients and new client who are enrolling in a minimum of half the scheduled season per class. This summer is a total of nine weeks. This means all returning clients and any new clients who are committing to and paying for a minimum of 4 weeks PER class will receive the discount price plus tax. All other enrolments will be invoiced at the Class Pass price.

The Class Pass. This price point is set at our previously described “drop in” rate. Here are a few items to note about the class pass:

  • During the start of each season (i.e from the point class registration is available until two weeks into the season) all participants who are purchasing class packages will be given first opportunity to reserve their place in the class.
  • Season Class Pass holders will be listed in the class Waitlist and email confirmation will be sent to update you on your class status.
  • After the first two weeks of classes, our Season Class Pass holders will be fully enrolled in the class according to your availability.
  • Reserve your spot in class only for the number of classes purchased on your pass. If your lifestyle has to many unknowns this allows you to still participate in our classes.
  • Cancel 12 hours early and your class session can be used at another point in the season OR for up to ONE MONTH into the following season (MindBody Express App available for your phones)

Private Training Pricing…

Private Session List PricePeak Instructor - Level 2Level 1 Instructor
Single Session - Drop-In$36$30
60 minutes Cost/Cost with HSTCost/Cost with HST
Package (10 sessions)$530/$598.90$440/$497.20
Package (5 sessions)$290/$327.70$245/$276.85
Single Session - Drop-In$62$51
45 minutes
Package (10 sessions)$420/$474.60$350/$395.50
Package (5 sessions)$220/$248.60$185/$209.05
Single Session - Drop-In$47$38
30 minutes
Package (10 sessions)$310/$361.60$260/$293.80
Package (5 sessions)$165/$186.45$140/$158.20

Duet Training Pricing…


Duet Session Price List LEVEL 2 INSTRUCTOR
Single Session - Drop-In$30$25
60 minutes Cost/Cost with HSTCost/Cost with HST
Package (10 sessions)$310/$350.30 $270/$305.10
Package (5 sessions)$175/$197.75$145/$163.85
Single Session - Drop-In$40$31
45 minutes
Package (10 sessions)$260/$293.80$220/$248.60
Package (5 sessions)$135/$152.55$117.50/$132.78

Athletic Private Pricing…

For Competitive Athletes*Cost/Cost with HST
Package (10 sessions)$235 / $265.55 w tax
Athletics Private Training Exo/Mat/Small Apparatus
Package (10 sessions)$180 / $203.40 w tax
Athletics Private Training Reformer

All private and duet sessions require 12 hour notice to be cancelled. If you do not attend or give late notice you will be charged for that session. With appropriate cancellation your session will be carried forward. These sessions do not expire.

All classes require a 12 hour notice to be cancelled. If you do not attend or give late notice you will be charged for that class. With appropriate class cancellation notice you have the option to attend another class within in that season as a make up or you can carry up to 2 session forward when you enroll in the following season.

*Who Qualifies For Competitive Athlete Development Pricing?

Current clients who are utilizing student or KWSC discounts get grandfathered in … Moving forward client will need to demonstrate enrolment in a competitive program.

Fitness Assessment $50

*Children (16 years old and under) are welcome to join our Nia class for $12 per class if parent is registered.