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We shouldn’t laugh … right?

The insane things we do and of course there’s always that one person with a camera to catch the funny and painful moment! Did you spot the Reformer in the video of short clips? Just in case it’s not clear, please do not try this at home or at a gym.
We shouldn't laugh ... right?

Stretch it out!

As easy as it can be to finish a workout and just head home, hanging around for a good ten minutes to stretch can improve your quality of life greatly! By adding a little stretching in your day you can; improve posture, increase circulation, reduce pain and increase range of motion! Always start off your workout with five to ten minutes of dynamic stretching (moving) to increase blood flow and reduce the risk of injury. Finish with ten minutes of static stretching. If you’re working a specific muscle group, focus your stretching on that muscle group, ex leg day = quad stretch.

Here’s some examples of dynamic and static stretches!dynamicstretching1 Dynamic    


Exercise more or select your food with wisdom?

On the surface our studio sells exercise, what we promote is a healthy lifestyle This includes balance, quality of life and the ever important and often frustrating, nutrition.

Click on the picture below to read an interesting article from the New York Times by Todd Heisler entitled “To Lose Weight, Eating is Far More Important Then Exercising More.”

New York TImes


Often asked, what’s the difference?

What’s the difference between Pilates and Yoga? Both styles of health, fitness, inner well-being have many positive attributes. Anything that is to support a lifestyle choice must first be something you enjoy doing. Pilates and Yoga both are developed around the idea of lifestyle instead of quick fixes …

Click on the image to see the facts and benefits...

Click on the image to see the facts and benefits…

Summer Registration

Summer Registration

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Summer Class Registration

Summer Registration Classes start July 7th, end August 18th. Studio closed August 18 – September 1, 2014 for renos.  For new clients, your first class with us is always free! HST and 8% discount for multi-classes per week will be added at checkout.