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Lunch and Learn: Introduction to Body Acceptance as a Self-Care Practice

Introduction to Body Acceptance as a Self-Care Practice

General Admission $19.00

Wednesday, May 31, 2017
12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Location: Relish Cooking Studio
56 Regina St. N Waterloo, ON

Whether you know it or not you might be a victim to diet culture.

Diet culture is an enormous contributor to the body image and self-esteem issues that many people experience on a daily basis. Come for a casual and informative chat on self-care, easy to implement stress reducers and learn to start giving your body a little more kindness and a lot less guilt! Lunch is included.

DanaMeet The Speaker…Dana Rourke

Dana graduated from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition in 2009 and is studying to become an Intuitive Eating Counselor and Certified Body Trust Practitioner. Driven by a deep desire to present an alternative way of living, Dana’s work with her clients is rooted in a non-diet based approach, focusing on weight-neutral self-care and body positive practices to hold space for her clients while their navigate their way to a kinder and more natural relationship with food and their body.

Find details and registration here!

Fascial Stretch Therapy Coming

We are excited to announce that Julane will be exploring a new modality; Fascial Stretch Therapy TM. From January 9-15, 2017 in Julane will be studying physiology and techniques of Fascial Stretch Therapy through the Stretch to Win Institute in Tempe, Arizona.  For more information please visit; 

Julane’s Away Dates; January 1- 15, 2017

Fascial Stretch TherapyJulane chose this course for the multitude of ways it can help with every client and also as a modality that will help unify her education and abilities as both a massage therapist and as a clinical pilates instructor.

Fascia is a connective tissue that envelops almost everything in our bodies, including; muscles, joints and our organs. Although in its infancy of being studied and researched, the outcome of working with fascia has been astonishing and has had significant results with everything from chronic pain to sport performance. Fascia becomes restricted through many ways, most of which we all have in our daily basis. For example sitting in repetitive posture at work or from overtraining when we do get a chance to work out and get our bodies moving.

Because fascia is a continuous connective tissue wrapping from superficial to deep through our entire bodies, restrictions can cause and increase in muscle tone that may not respond to regular stretching techniques, increase risk of sprains and strains, joint pain from pull on the joint capsule as well as inhibiting efficient movement and pasture patterns.

During a session, you will go through an assessment and gets hands-on work to help accomplish your goals from a holistic, un-invasive approach.

Watch out for new classes in the Spring where we will be offering an introductory deal!

An Interview With Joseph Pilates


Joseph PilatesI asked to be photographed on one of his earliest inventions, the Bednasium, a sort of hospital bed that had springs attached to its metal-frame headboard. When I climbed onto the bed wearing trousers, shirt and tie, Joe stopped me. If I was going to exercise on his equipment I had to be in “trunks,” same as his Speedo-like briefs. I went into the changing area where I found a cardboard box containing a dozen black Jantzen briefs, chose a medium, then posed for a photograph meant for Buddy Bloodgood’s wall. I couldn’t possibly know that 50 years later this photo would be seen by thousands of people around the world.

excerpt from full article

Rediscover the Miracle of Movement

..rediscover the miracle of movement so you can make it part of your daily routine..

Body Harmonics helps people rediscover the true meaning of Pilates and what it means to move with ease and strength..rediscover the miracle of movement so you can make it part of your daily routine. You’ll look better, feel better and have the power to do anything.

Body Harmonics is who educates and inspires is at the KW Art of Fitness through all of the certification courses and continuing education classes. The message that is in this video resonates deeply with us and we bring it back to Kitchener Waterloo to our clients.

The Piriformis – a small muscle that can cause a lot of discomfort


The bright red muscle in the picture is the piriformis muscle that can cause so much discomfort and pain when tight. Sometimes, one side is tighter then the other which can cause misalignment in the pelvis.


This is one of the many exercises we do on the reformer to help relieve tension in the piriformis. Be sure that there are no other issues (hip, back or knee) that would override the benefit of this movement. It isn’t for everyone, but those who are able to do this enjoy the release. Click the image to learn more about this exercise.

Inspiring Instructors

Once again Body Harmonics has rocked my world with the Post Rehab Protocol: Shoulder workshop earlier this month. After having a couple of weeks to digest the information, I find myself still with a breath of fresh idea’s in my own movements as well as inspiring cues and concepts for clients.

A Snapshot of my Shoulder workshop notebook

A Snapshot of my Shoulder workshop notebook

A few fun facts that really resonate with me (my body) and my instruction of classes and clients.

  1. Fingers are very important … not just for picking up your morning coffee!
  2. Move your body around your arm … why didn’t someone just say so?! I’m kidding that is part of this inspiration SIMPLE GOOD ideas
  3. Planks can be smart … still not fun maybe, but smart when done with a few fun twists, curves and ideas.
  4. Transfer of Force in the upper limbs … like a snake, all this and more we will share with you during your class and or sessions.

Thanks Body Harmonics for keeping us educated, inspired and inspiring!

One of my favourite quotes from the course: “Collar bones are like oars on a boat” Margot McKinnon

Mandala Art Colouring Page

We continue our “behind the ART at the Art of Fitness” colouring page,  hand drawn and designed by Stephanie.


Click Image For Full Size

This month we have prints available on Stonehenge Paper. This is 100% Cotton, vellum finish, neutral pH/Acid Free paper that is suitable for acrylic, watercolour, charcoal, pen & ink, pastels, crayons (pencil and wax) and or markers.

8.5″ x 11″ print available at the studio $10 (tax included, cash only)