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5 km Running Clinic

The first running clinic class is on Friday, October 14, 2016 at 6:30 p.m

A Running Room event that we are happy to promote
Course Instructor: Leonard Cornelisse

Running Clinic
The running clinic goal is participate in the Resolution Run, January 7, 2017.
SIGN UP at the Running Room store (15 King St. S #3, Waterloo) or online

Diagonal Side-Sit

Diagonal Side-SitThe thoracic spine is designed for rotation. It’s supposed to rotate more than your lumbar spine, but for the majority of people, it’s the opposite. Why? Lifestyle choices lead to posture that feeds thoracic spine dysfunction. Hunching over your cell phone and rounding your shoulders increases your thoracic curve, making efficient rotation damn near impossible.

Watch video and read more here.


Tower of Power

Allegro Tower of Power

Allegro Tower of Power
We love keeping your Pilates Reformer classes dynamic, fun and full of options. Each of our reformers has the tower which allows us to incorporate some amazing options into your Reformer based classes.

Learn about our reformer classes here.

Ever Tried the Exo Chair?

EXO chairs

EXO chair classes — ever tried the EXO chair?

EXO chairs strong


Leave our studio feeling strong after after using the EXO chair in a fun and unique full body workout.

EXO chairs split

All of our EXO chairs come with a split pedal and the Functional Resistance kit. Follow this link for a clip workout example:

Storing the Functional Resistance Kits has never been so pretty! Live edge slab of tree…


Rediscover the Miracle of Movement

..rediscover the miracle of movement so you can make it part of your daily routine..

Body Harmonics helps people rediscover the true meaning of Pilates and what it means to move with ease and strength..rediscover the miracle of movement so you can make it part of your daily routine. You’ll look better, feel better and have the power to do anything.

Body Harmonics is who educates and inspires is at the KW Art of Fitness through all of the certification courses and continuing education classes. The message that is in this video resonates deeply with us and we bring it back to Kitchener Waterloo to our clients.

The Piriformis – a small muscle that can cause a lot of discomfort


The bright red muscle in the picture is the piriformis muscle that can cause so much discomfort and pain when tight. Sometimes, one side is tighter then the other which can cause misalignment in the pelvis.


This is one of the many exercises we do on the reformer to help relieve tension in the piriformis. Be sure that there are no other issues (hip, back or knee) that would override the benefit of this movement. It isn’t for everyone, but those who are able to do this enjoy the release. Click the image to learn more about this exercise.

Inspiring Instructors

Once again Body Harmonics has rocked my world with the Post Rehab Protocol: Shoulder workshop earlier this month. After having a couple of weeks to digest the information, I find myself still with a breath of fresh idea’s in my own movements as well as inspiring cues and concepts for clients.

A Snapshot of my Shoulder workshop notebook

A Snapshot of my Shoulder workshop notebook

A few fun facts that really resonate with me (my body) and my instruction of classes and clients.

  1. Fingers are very important … not just for picking up your morning coffee!
  2. Move your body around your arm … why didn’t someone just say so?! I’m kidding that is part of this inspiration SIMPLE GOOD ideas
  3. Planks can be smart … still not fun maybe, but smart when done with a few fun twists, curves and ideas.
  4. Transfer of Force in the upper limbs … like a snake, all this and more we will share with you during your class and or sessions.

Thanks Body Harmonics for keeping us educated, inspired and inspiring!

One of my favourite quotes from the course: “Collar bones are like oars on a boat” Margot McKinnon