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Stretch it out!

As easy as it can be to finish a workout and just head home, hanging around for a good ten minutes to stretch can improve your quality of life greatly! By adding a little stretching in your day you can; improve posture, increase circulation, reduce pain and increase range of motion! Always start off your workout with five to ten minutes of dynamic stretching (moving) to increase blood flow and reduce the risk of injury. Finish with ten minutes of static stretching. If you’re working a specific muscle group, focus your stretching on that muscle group, ex leg day = quad stretch.

Here’s some examples of dynamic and static stretches!dynamicstretching1 Dynamic    


Youth sports training, and why it’s important!

j picGrowing up playing various team sports, one thing I learned is thats it’s no secret, some are naturally more gifted with certain athletic abilities.  I also began to realize that sports can carry a certain “politics” stigma that might make the road even rougher for some, as they get more competitive. One fact stands through all of this. You can never deny hard work and determination.

Many sports these days are focused on things that can be worked on from an early age, such as speed, explosiveness, stability, hand-eye coordination, etc. If your child is committed, even working once a week on extra conditioning and sports skills, it can put them miles apart from the ones who don’t.

Extra training can be sport specific or focus on more general activities and biomechanics. These types of training can help in numerous sports. We always focus on teaching proper form and techniques from the beginning, which they can take into any athletic endeavour going forward in their lives. It is also important to continue these forms of training through not just the competitive season, but throughout the off season as well. With growth spurts and increased strength, programs need to progress often. Staying on top of their form is a must!

I feel that having the experience of being a young athlete and still being in training, helps me really target the athlete’s needs for their best benefit. I also feel that it helps the athletes have a different kind of respect for their bodies and their sport.

If you have a child in athletics that you want to help safely get to the top of their game, contact me and we will set up our free first session!


The benefits of adding nuts and seeds to your diet!

When approaching our nutrition plans many of us immediately write off the “fat” food group. And while there are many unhealthy and derived fats, monounsaturated fats such as nuts, seeds and certain oils can totally throw a wrench in the nutrition battle and help you subdue your cravings. By adding some walnuts to your salad, sunflower seeds to you yogurt or even using an almond milk extract in your morning shake you can feel fuller longer and get some serious nutriental benefits from some of these guys! So add them in to your diet, but only start with a few handfuls a day, lets not get “nuts” here guys…

In this article, Dr. Lisa Young lists 7 nut and seed super foods and explains each of there value!

Julane Pratt attends bobsleigh national combine!


Click on the image to learn about the Ontario Bobsledding history.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of accompanying Julane to the 2015 open National bobsleigh and skeleton combine in Hamilton. With about 60 athletes attending, (a few already on team Ontario and approximately half the remaining athletes previously attending recruitment combines) Julane performed awesome! For just starting her training, she tested just outside the National testing standards for 30 meter dash, standing broad jump and underhand ball toss. Most athletes who try out for bobsleigh usually come from a speed or power sport, such as track and rugby. With Julane being a former figure skater, she may have been at a fundamental disadvantage but still tested great. If she is not called to the national tryouts she intends to train hard for the next combine in the winter! The moral of this is, it’s never to late to try something new or to try and achieve a goal you’ve always wanted to. No matter how big or small it may seem its always good to test yourself and try new things!  Good luck Julane!